Why You Should Get Predator Eye Pro?

If you are keeping a chicken coop, vineyards, orchards or any other property and livestock, you may get trouble with some outdoor predator such as coyotes, raccoons, foxes, wolves, deer, etc. These pest animals can raid and damage your property at night.

This is the reason why you should get predator eye pro. This device is designed to mimic the other predator’s eyes that help you to scare away the pest animals and sleep peacefully all night.

What is predator eye pro?

The blinking light look like an eye, which will trick the pest animals that they are being watched. The Led light is automatically turned on when it is dusk and turned off in the daylight.

The nocturnal animals will sense danger and do not dare to get closer to the area.

All you need to do is install the best chicken predator deterrent at an appropriate level for the pest and you will get the result that its impact on the first night.

Mainly features and advantages of predator eye pro

This device using solar power, that means it can automatically charge and work effectively during the night time.

You can easily attach predator eye pro on many different surfaces using either screw or internal magnets.

The sight range of the Predator eye pro is a distance of 1/2 mile at night due to its powerful LED lights

This is the humane and economical method to scare off these pests. It is also very safe to use next to children or your pets because it contains no toxic chemicals.

You absolutely can install multiple units of this device to ensure it brings the greatest efficiency by offering 360 degrees coverage.

Moreover, in some cases, using the predator eyes pro can also trick the thief and protecting your house.