What are the best lithium batteries for boats?

What is your best battery for outboard motor? Although lithium marine batteries come with relatively expensive price tag, I consider it as one of the best batteries for boats as there are so many benefits that Lithium offers and due to these benefits, you may realize that this battery has the reasonable cost over time.

Lithium Batteries is lighter than most other types, it is the best boat batteries for electric engines. It is also can be 100% discharged that is much more useable amp/hours than AGM and lead-acid batteries. Another factor that makes lithium is best battery for outboard motor is that it has an impressive life-span as it can last for up to 2000 cycles.

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#1 Battle Born LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery

If you do not want to change your marine battery after just a sort period using, so you can consider this lithium battery from Battle Born. Battle born is the reliable manufacturer that offers, only good quality products including its deep cycle battery models.

This Battle Born LifePo4 deep cycle battery is placed at the top of this list due to its effective performance. It comes with a maximum current rating of 200 amps. However, its price tag is a little higher than the current ratings that it has.

Luckily, it has the Rated capacity of 100 Ah, it is very high capacity that is more than enough for most boat and motor. What I like about Battle Born Lithium deep cycle battery is that it offers very long warranty of 10 years, so you can completely trust on the quality of Battle Born LifePo4 battery.

#2 Miady 12V 16Ah Deep Cycle LiFePO4 Battery

If you are looking for another lithium batteries opyion with more friendly budget, then Miady deep cycle battery is good way to go. Not only the affordable price tag, this battery also offers decent performance that is best for the value.

Miady’s deep cycle battery is the costless option on this list. This budget options still offers maximum current rating of 43 amps it is not as power as the previous option but this is enough for most users.

However, it has rated capacity of 16 Ah it is relatively low amps. Due to this, you cannot expect that this deep cycle battery will offer the long time continuously perform, even at moderate loads. What I highly appreciate about this deep cycle battery is that it comes with 1.5-year long warranty for high reliability.

Moreover, this battery is ideal for small boat as it has compact dimension of 5.94 x 3.9 x 3.7 inches and weigh only 1.8kg, this is just about 1/3 the weight of other traditional lead acid batteries. It also has the sturdy ABS case that ensure it is impact resistance and toughness. It also features the non slip grip with rubber for soft texture, which provides excellent grip.

#3 Eastup Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) Automotive Replacement Battery

What I like most about Eastup Lithium Iron Phosphate is that it features a battery management system, which will automatically interrupt the battery in the case that the bower is drained below 10.5V. If you want to activate the battery again, you can press the power button for about 2 seconds.

Just like other lithium batteris, this one also provides extremely long life-span as its cycle can be up to 2000 cycles. This lithium battery also has very low attenuation rate of 5% per year.

#4 Banshee LiFeP04 Deep Cycle Battery

This is the dual purpose batteries with 1200CCA. This battery is very lightweight but it offers you enough power with 100 amp hours. Banshee LiFeP04 Deep Cycle Battery features the ability of emergency start function, dual post terminals. There are also built-in voltage meter BMS system comes with this battery. Another impressive feature is that it offers 3 years long warranty.

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