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Shark Facts  


Shark Fact #1: Sharks are an old species.  


Sharks have been around long before the first upright human ancestors ever walked the earth. The shark species is so old that their ancestors are older than dinosaurs. It is estimated that the first shark classes were already in the sea 300-400 million years ago. Although the first two oldest branches of the ancestors of sharks no longer exist, they are considered directly related to modern sharks. Incidentally, some modern sharks continue to carry similar traits and features to their ancestors. Some modern sharks live for a very long time up to a maximum of a full century.  


Shark Fact #2: Sharks don’t have bones.  


Some lists of sharks facts will not tell you that sharks don’t have bones. They do however have cartilage which is sturdy enough to support body structures. At the same time though, cartilage is an ideal support structure for sharks because the lightness of cartilage helps keep them afloat. It is important to note though that cartilage alone is not light enough to keep sharks floating when they are still. They will sink when they don’t move especially since they do not have swim bladders. Sharks have to keep swimming to keep afloat.  


Shark Fact #3: Young sharks are very independent.  


Some of the most interesting sharks facts concern their young. Unlike other animals and humans, shark parents do not take pains at caring for their young. Baby sharks are not given food or shelter when they are born. This seems to be alright though because young sharks are born with the ability to fend for themselves. Shark mothers also have no real cause to worry. Sharks, whether adults or not, are on top of the aquatic food chain. Baby sharks would therefore be safe from attacks or aggression. 


Shark Fact #4: Sharks aren’t as dangerous as people imagine.  


The most surprising of all sharks facts is that they are not the cruel aggressors that humans imagine them to be. Although there truly are some dangerous shark types, majority of sharks only attack humans when they are threatened. It is estimated that only 10% of shark attacks throughout the world are fatal. The truth is that sharks are even more at risk of dying or getting injured because of humans. Close to a hundred million sharks are killed annually by humans. Shark deaths and injury are primarily due to human hunting for food and medication. There are also some sharks that are killed for pure sport and amusement.  


Shark Fact #5: Sharks are very healthy.  


Sharks have great immune systems. They have tiny antibodies and readily accessible immune system cells that aggressively fight off illness. At one point it was even believed that sharks do not get cancer. It has since been proven though that some sharks do grow tumors. Other experts continue to argue though that shark tumors do not develop as rapidly as human tumors do.  


These are only some of the amazing sharks facts you might have not known about. These top five facts however should be enough to give you a different perspective about sharks.  




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