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Male Lion

Male Lions


There is no question that male lions are impressive and majestic animals. There have however been a lot of misconceptions about them. This is perhaps due to common facts not being fully understood in the context of a male lions relationships with female lions and the pride.  


Female Lions 


Before we begin to explore what male lions are like, it is important to first understand the female lion traits and roles. The most distinguishing trait of lionesses is that they do not have manes like male lions do. They also tend to grow faster than the males.  


Physical attributes aren’t the only traits that distinguish lionesses from male lions. As most of us would already know, they are the huntresses of the pride. This is one of their most important tasks. Lionesses take off in groups to hunt for food for the entire pride while the males stay at home. This has led some people to conclude that male lions are lazy. This is not entirely the case though. The females are given the task of hunting because the male lions have an entirely different role.  


Despite being efficient huntresses, the females of the pride are typical mothers. They nurture and care for their young. They also appear to be so family or pride-oriented that they will allow cubs of other females in the pride to drink their milk. These close ties among females are likely due to their close genetic relatedness. Females in a pride are all mothers, daughters and sisters of each other and they remain together for the rest of their lives.  


Male Lions 


The male lions in a pride are easily distinguished through their appearance. Unlike females, they have rich manes. This is more than just a distinguishing physical trait. It seems that male lions with bigger manes tend to attract females more, thereby increasing their chances of being preferred as mating partners.  


Although male lions tend to be smaller than female lions, they do eventually reach maturity. When they do become sexually and physically mature, they are characteristically virile. They are able to mate for up to a hundred times within 24 hours. Mating is so important to lions that it is one main reason why they must live in a pride.  


Of course, lions also form prides because they are sociable and the male lions would likely die if they are unable to join a pride of their own. Aside from the lack of common society, male lions that do not belong to a pride may also die because they become solo targets of other animal aggressors.  


While it is true that the females are the ones who hunt, male lions are not without a role. They are considered the protectors of the pride and they will step up when there is a threat to the pride or a challenge to their dominance.  


Despite being known for waiting for their meals to be served, male lions are real fighters. Only the strongest male is allowed to dominate the pride. Other male lions in the pride must leave and look for their own pride or be killed. When a male wishes to be the top cat in the pride, he must fight the current top male member. If he wins, he is allowed to dominate and kill the cubs of the defeated male.  





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