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Cheetah Facts  


It is quite likely that all some people would know is that the cheetah is the fastest land animal on earth. There are however a few other great and interesting cheetah facts you might want to know about. 


Cheetah Fact #1- The cheetah is built for speed.  


The cheetah has become the fastest land animal because it was built for speed. It has a lean body, slender neck, small head, padded feet, long legs and flexible spine. It additionally has a long, powerful tail that offers balance as the cheetah moves. Such a compact, slender and light body structure can promote greater mobility at fast speeds. Its internal organs, with large arteries, lungs and liver, contribute to its speed too. The cheetah can run up to more or less 70 mph but never at this rate for extended periods of time. Because of its body built for speed it does not have as much jaw and body strength as the others in the cat family. Now here are some Cheetah facts you may not have know.


Cheetah Fact #2- They are wise hunters.  


Some cheetah facts state that these animals are open plain animals. This may partly be true because cheetahs do roam around open plains. They have however been known to also thrive well in places with dense vegetation. They use vegetation or what little cover there is in the open to hunt for their food. They initially stalk their prey before breaking out in a burst of speed to quickly catch their prey. Since they are light and slim predators, they prefer animals that are also lightweight like antelope. Cheetahs rely on sight to hunt that is why they hunt in the day. The dark tear marks on their eyes help shade their eyes from sun glare.  


Cheetah Fact #3- Female cheetahs are good mothers.  


Some cheetah facts do not take into account the amazing parenting skills of female cheetahs. Since cheetahs need to hunt, she keeps her cubs hidden for the first few weeks. She may also transfer the location of her cubs to prevent predators from locating them. After a month and a half, the cubs are able to tag along with their mother as the mother cheetah catches food for herself and her cubs. A little after six months, a cheetah mother will begin teaching her cubs to hunt by releasing prey for them to practice on.  


Cheetah Fact #4- Cheetahs cannot roar.  


Unlike lions, cheetahs cannot roar. They do however purr or growl. Some cheetahs have been known to produce sounds similar to those emitted by birds. This fact would seem quite surprising when you take into account the cheetah’s reputation as a skillful predator. It seems only appropriate though that this stalker has more subtle vocal ranges.  


Cheetah Fact #5- Males form coalitions while females go solo.  


Female cheetahs generally move around on their own or with their cubs. They may however be found around some males when it is time to mate. Male cheetahs on the other hand prefer to live in groups called coalitions.  


These cheetah facts  are indeed a reminder that there is more to a cheetah than its speed. Cheetahs are graceful, elegant creatures that truly know the finer points of hunting and caring for its young.  




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